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Cash in the Mail

Условия сделки

You must be the person sending the cash; Cash (USD) ONLY. NO Postal Money Orders allowed. NO third-party transactions allowed.

Mail your cash to the following address, which is a business where they can sign for my package if you would like to require a signature. They open at 9AM on weekdays and 10AM on Saturdays, so make sure your carrier doesn't come earlier than those times. On Saturday, they close at 1:30 and sometimes the postal carrier is too slow to get there before they close.

Here's my address:
Dave Scotese
39520 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd.
Murrieta, CA 92563

!Important! Remember to include a note in the package that says "I'm [username] buying Ether from dscotese on localethereum.com." Also list the denominations (Ones, Fives, Tens, Twenties, Fifties, and Hundreds and how many bills you've sent of that denomination.

Text me at (951)236-2719 or message me on LE if you have any questions.
When you have the tracking number, please send it in a message to me on our trade.