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Send an online transfer via Skrill.

1 ETH = $203.49

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About the seller

  • 100% good feedback
  • Registered December 2017
  • Online now
  • ~195 trades
  • ~$35,000 volume


Skrill (0.25 Eth now)

Terms of trade

It may take up to 10 (in rare conditions 30 mins) to make your order available if it's not available in my LocalEthereum wallet but once it's transferred the release is instant.

Please note that I may not have what you need in my wallet at the time you open a trade due to price volatility however for considerable amount of orders it's possible to refill under 30 mins. so contact me for more information.

*** important note regarding currency conversion in Skrill***
if you are sending money in a currency other than USD, Skrill will attempt to convert it to USD, however for some reason their conversion is either not accurate or they deduct a fee which results in less amount being received in my side.
if the difference is more than 0.4 dollar (40 cents) I'll have to ask you to transfer the rest.
I don't know if Skrill shows you how much is being received at my side but if there's an indication please make sure it's the right amount so you don't have pay twice the transfer fee.

**Note to Scammers**
I check all transactions so no funny business please.