LocalEthereum is how people exchange ETH peer-to-peer


Money in your account within minutes.* Use any payment method in 130+ countries.


A trading interface built for all audiences. Begin trading in 30 seconds!


The only marketplace that’s self-custodial and end-to-end encrypted.

View buy & sell offers

Choose from more than 30 payment methods.

AdvCash AliPay Cash in person Gift card Interac M-PESA Mercado Pago MoneyGram PayPal QIWI SEPA Skrill TransferWise Venmo WeChat Pay WebMoney Western Union Yandex.Money

* Most trades complete in a few minutes, however this largely depends on the chosen payment method.

What our 100,000+ users are saying:

LocalEthereum is the fast and secure way to make Ethereum trades.

— Anonymous, Russia

Thanks to LE, I can earn money securely and save myself from hyperinflation.

— Anonymous, Venezuela

How LocalEthereum works

1. See who’s buying & selling.

Consider the “offers”. Anyone in the world can post a bid to buy or sell ETH. Offers can be filtered by payment method, currency, location and popularity.

From bank transfers to gift cards—every payment method is allowed.

2. Open a trade.

Find an offer you’re happy with and open a trade with the user. Choose the amount you want to buy or sell, and lock the rate in.

3. Make the exchange.

After the seller puts the ETH in an escrow account, the buyer pays the seller outside the platform. Payment details are discussed using encrypted messages.

Once the seller confirms payment, the ETH is released from escrow to the buyer.

Decentralized benefits

Control your keys.

The escrow account is a decentralized Ethereum smart contract. Rather than trusting a centralized authority to hold your ETH, LocalEthereum's escrow system is trust-free.

Control your privacy.

Every conversation is protected by a unique secret key which self-destructs after completion. We can only decrypt your messages if the key is volunteered; e.g. during a payment dispute.

Log in with your wallet.

Optionally, you can log in without a password by using a compatible Ethereum wallet. Most popular wallets including imToken, MetaMask and Ledger are compatible.

MetaMask imToken Cipher Coinbase Wallet GO! Wallet Mist
Ledger Status Trust Wallet WalletConnect tokenPocket DappGo

Tested with these Ethereum wallets.

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