Ether's local private marketplace.

We’re creating the bridge between Ether and local currencies.

By utilizing smart contracts and in-browser cryptography, localethereum is the most private way to buy or sell Ether for offline currencies.

We’ve made a web-based peer-to-peer exchange committed to the principals of personal and financial privacy; nobody on the localethereum team can read your messages, nor access your funds.

Messages between buyers and sellers are end-to-end encrypted, transactions are protected by smart contracts and identities are secured by digital signatures.

Under the hood

Traders can use localethereum without having to install any third-party apps or plugins. We’ve created a solution that is entirely web-based — while still living up to today’s cryptography standards.

localethereum leverages the new Web Crypto API, a secure interface to cryptographic operations now available in the major web browsers. The native API — developed in part by Google, Mozilla and Netflix — is at the center of localethereum’s secure messaging protocol.

Every account has a public and private key pair for reputation and security purposes — the public key is public and the private key never touches the internet. Signing in to your account involves decrypting an encrypted private key using a stretched password as the key — somewhat akin to’s web wallet for Bitcoin.

Messages are signed and end-to-end encrypted for absolute privacy and transactions are signed in the browser. This means that even in the unlikely event of a hack — god forbid — none of your messages or finances are at risk.

We’ve created a sleek user interface inspired by other blockchain-based greats. The fine-tuned UI makes exchanging a breeze and you might often forget the complexity of what’s going on behind the scenes.

(The only time the team may read messages is when either party initiates the dispute resolution process. This involves volunteering the decrypted versions of signed messages to an arbitrator.)

Our local Ether marketplace allows people to transact in the real world with confidence.

Lift off

We've been working tirelessly on localethereum for the last eight months to deliver the Ethereum community the most secure, privacy-oriented local marketplace.

Development is 80% complete and expected to be completed soon — after which the project will undergo a thorough security audit.

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